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Leonard Coetzee – Real Estate Valuation (2day Course)

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It is with pride and joy that we present the property valuation training module.

The training is earmarked to inform and assist the real estate industry to approach the property assessment process in a more detailed and informed manner.

The information shared to the industry is a first of its kind with regards to technical detail and holistic approach to obtain the level of knowledge to interact with your client base on a more informed and professional level.

The idea is not to re-invent the wheels but to strengthen the power of forward movement in your daily interaction with both sellers and buyers.

To be an informed agent, with an increased level of knowledge will give you the confidence to inform, present and negotiate your mandates on a different level.

The epicenter of all real estate transactions starts at the price determination stage, making it vital in the process moving forward.

We sincerely hope you will find solace in the course content and downloadable material and use it in your successful real estate career.


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