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To help get through the challenges of lockdown and prepare you for the uncertainty ahead, our Trainers and Power Partners will continue to supply you with informative material and guidance. It’s important to keep going, and remember, we are in it together!

Embracing The Inconvenience of Lockdown

Verity delivers a Powerful message. Kindly turn up your Volume and accept our sincere apologies for the poor audio quality.

Michelle Taylor Rebel - Isolation or Inspiration

DVH created a short form agreement of sale, reinstatement agreement and addendum for use during the lock-down when one or both parties don't have access to a printer. Listen to the video for more information and download copies of the agreements and addendum.

DVH accepts no risk or liability from the use of or any reliance placed on this/these agreement/s by any party and in addition this does not constitute legal advice. Should this/these agreement/s be unsuitable, or unenforceable in whole or in part DvH accepts no risk or liability associated therewith. The user of this/these agreement/s waives any and all claims against DvH for any loss or damages incurred by the use of this/these agreement/s or if any information contained within this/these agreement/s becomes outdated over time and hereby indemnifies DvH against any such claim that may be made against DvH by the user or any party to this/these agreement/s for any loss or damage to user or any party howsoever such loss or damage may be caused.

Although we are in lockdown, some of your clients may still want to purchase a property. You can conclude a sale agreement without the purchaser physically viewing the property. DVH drafted a clause that can be inserted into the sale agreement to protect the various parties involved.
Download  Clause 1

You can also conclude a sale agreement where the purchaser only views the property at a later stage. DVH drafted two clauses (a resolutive and suspensive condition) that can be inserted into the sale agreement to protect the various parties involved.
Download  Clause 2  Clause 3

DVH Clause1

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